forgive me (for i am here while you are gone)
forgive me (for i am here while you are gone) sadness stories
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"I miss him. I miss my son" - Part of the Alhaven universe

Takes place after: We Were Villains (weep for me)

forgive me (for i am here while you are gone)

"I miss him. I miss my son"

He spoke to the night as the night was the only one who understood. The night was just as broken, lamenting the loss of the light, with only reflections and pale imitations to hold to its name.

Mordred was a husk of a former man. Mordred was a ghost - the knight no longer (like he ever worthy)

The king dethroned . But what use has a king without an heir?

Zach was more than that though - he was better than that. (they all were) Instead of the darkness that fueled his Papa for so many years , there was light .

Instead of the cruelty Mordred had once and regretfully shown the world there was mercy.

Instead of -

Mordie's cries echoed through the night. He wailed until his throat was just as raw and red as the blood staining his hands.

He couldn't go on much longer.

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