Tomorrow It Rains: Part 4
Tomorrow It Rains: Part 4 teens stories

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“Dammit,” dad scowled, as he scurried down the steps. He ran past me, and put his hand over the child’s mouth, before piercing the sharp end of the bone into her throat. The child’s eyes widened, as her body went limp and collapsed to the floor. I was horrified, and turned my head and vomited. I couldn’t believe what I just saw my father do.

Tomorrow It Rains: Part 4

Dad had always been a loving and caring father, but how could he do this to a child? “I told you to leave her,” he said, “it needed to be done, Rabbit.”

“Why, Dad? We could've saved her.”

“She was too far gone; besides, I did her a favor by ending her life quick. That’s more than those bastards upstairs would’ve done.”

“She was just a child, Dad--we could have helped her.”

“We don’t know that,”Dad said, “but I do know this: if we don’t leave right now, then we are going to end up in the same situation as that poor girl lying there. So what’s it going to be, Rabbit?”

I pushed past him and dashed up the steps. I felt woozy and sick and the darkness didn’t help any.

I poked my head out into the blackness of the cabin and saw a speck of light, shining from outside the cabin door. The windows had all been boarded up, and there was only one way out that I could see.

“Do you see anything?” Dad whispered.

“A square of light under the door, but I can’t see or hear anything else.” I hoisted myself up into the cabin, and extended my hand to my father.

He extinguished his flame, and took hold my arm, as I pulled him into cabin.

My dad lit a match and the room brightened around us. “Grab that lantern,” he said.

I handed it to him, and he fired it up. “Let’s see if they left our weapons here, but we need to be quick, they could be back any minute.”

Empty liquor bottles filled with piss, and cigarettes littered the corners of the room. I stumbled over some dirty clothes, and underneath them, were several bottles of unopened water.

“Look what I found,” I whispered, as I tossed him a bottle.

I opened mine and in one long swig, I finished it and burped.

“I found something too,” Dad said, as he held up two pistols, and pointed to our backpacks.

“Are the bullets still in them?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Dad chuckled, “I guess we’re not dealing with brightest bulbs in the bunch. Now, Let’s get the hell out of here.”

“No,” I said, “We need to kill them.”

“We are outnumbered, Rabbit, and we can’t afford to waste our bullets.”

“They can’t live… not after all of this. I don’t want to spend the last of my days looking over my shoulder for a couple of demented clowns.”

To Be Continued...

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