My Own Worst Enemy
My Own Worst Enemy opponent stories

writersvoice4u Author, Poet, musician
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My Own Worst Enemy

Close the curtains, I don't want to get up

Not really sure I could move even if I wanted to

I'd rather stay here in my own misery, alone

no need to drag us both along for this cruel ride

because, I have one way ticket to distortion

and if Mom had known, she would've had an abortion

my mind is shattered like glass

I wish this would pass but it's here to stay

"take thes meds," the doctor said

if only he could get inside my head

he would've already seen i'm dead

but he has a degree, and I have a degree in anxiety

six degrees of separation and a bottle of Xanax

thanks, doc, these meds should help

help erase every existence of who I was

thanks for the memories

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