Getting Even With Steven: Part Four
Getting Even With Steven: Part Four teens stories

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Part Four of a Ten Part series.

Getting Even With Steven: Part Four

As they were laughing, and Caught up in the conversation, I ran up from behind and swung that crowbar across Steven's temple, like Babe Ruth looking to hit one out of the park.

Blood instantly gushed out, and he fell hard to the ground. His body was limp and for a moment, I thought I might have killed him. I couldn't believe it; this was happening.

Lisa just stared at me in shock.

"Grab his feet dammit," I said. Lisa glanced around and then quickly grabbed his feet. We carried him to the side of the condemned building and tied him to the dolly.

"Are we really doing this?" Lisa said.

"Yes," I said, "so if you want to go home, then do it now."

Her eyes hesitated for a moment, as if she wasn't sure what to do, but eventually she came to, and we started to push him into the woods. Steven started to move a bit, and we pushed faster.

I was tired, and Lisa kept yelling at me to move, so I did.

Tears were flowing down Steven's cheeks, and I almost felt sorry for him. We pushed him to the edge of the cliff.

The fall was about 10 stories, and we knew that there was no turning back from here.

Steven yelled a blood curdling scream, so I yanked out the duct tape and wrapped it around his mouth. He mumbled and twisted his body, as we both looked at one another.

Lisa and I were going to push him over on the count of three. "One, two, -"

"Stop right there, and put your hands above your head."

Lisa looked over at me, and I looked over at her, and then we looked behind us and saw two police officers with their guns drawn.

One was a short fat cop, and the other was a younger officer that looked to be new to the force.

"Step away from the cliff and put your hands above your head," the pudgy cop said.

Lisa immediately put her hands above her head and started walking towards the cop, before he ordered her to the ground.

I stood there holding onto the handle of the dolly, contemplating whether I was going to throw Steven over the cliff.

Both officers screamed at me to back away from the cliff, but I stood there like a deer in headlights.

I saw my life flash before me, as it was and how it would be, if I pushed him over this cliff.

Lisa's eyes begged for me to give up, but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't stand the fact that Steven was guilty of something as serious as rape but could still walk free.

"I'm sorry," I said to Lisa, as I pushed the dolly over the ledge, carrying Steven Houseman.

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