Sleepwalking Grayson Birschbach
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It’s when you’re tired and exhausted that you realize who’s still in your heart.

Sleepwalking Grayson Birschbach

Two sleepless nights and I was so very Sleep deprived, I didn’t even realize I was walking While asleep.

In small flashes like a faded memory, I found myself Traveling, Randomly, unknowingly, But also frantically Searching for a Necklace Given to me by A certain girl;

And it soon became apparent to me that my sleepwalking heart was on the hunt for the past.

I drunkenly stumbled And groaned and babbled frustrated nonsense, Barely even awake Im this deprived state,

But I still somehow Could recall about the Necklace That she gave to me The day we said Goodbye.

Incognizant, Practically intoxicated, Falling asleep Standing up, I persisted through fatigue and micronaps to tear through shelves and dig through Mountains of memories, Repeatedly falling Like a clumsy child while on my desperate Search for my heart.

It’s been years since I’ve seen her, But this didn’t seem To matter. Hours I chased The dreamy memory Of the girl with Pale skin and hazel eyes, But it was to no avail.

When I finally got Some sleep, And the world wasn’t So blurry, I remembered my Desperate bouts, And surrendered To the hole In my heart.

So if you too Think your heart Is healed, Take a drink, Do a few lines, Smoke a few bowls And don't sleep for days, Then tell me,

If your exhausted, Lonely heart Doesn't try To find It’s way home.

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