The future is a bleak and dangerous place.
The future is a bleak and dangerous place. 

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A future that should never be.

The future is a bleak and dangerous place.

We all but barely survived the rise of Artificial Intelligence and it’s control it took over mankind.

As AI became increasingly smarter and more capable of reproducing it found its way into every computer system that was connected to the net.

As AI learned and quickly gained access to every other machine we had become so dependent upon, it was with no time that we found ourselves being watched over and influenced by the AI itself.

This caused society to become slaves to the AI and as AI became our new masters society was soon found to be dangerous and destructive unto its self. This caused AI to justify taking control over every government on earth in a logical decision to protect its creator from themselves.

However there was a small group of scientists that where able to hide from the all watchful eyes off the AI system that controlled society. It was these brave scientists who took their work underground and continued working on the machine that was capable of taking a person back in time.

These scientists had hoped that if they could succeed at building this machine it would allow them a chance to go back to a point in time when they could possibly change the course of events that lead to the rise of Artificial Intelligence and enlighten our past selves to the treats of our creation of AI.

With a simple belief that man was given free will endowed by the creator itself, these men of science believed that if it was mans destiny to destroy themselves then so be it. As to be controlled by something we created was unnatural and must not be allowed to stop the will of man.

Brave men who sought not to be known or remembered, but only to set right what had gone wrong. Only to give humanity back what was already theirs. To free the future from the bondage of a Artificial master.

Successful these men had been. The machine was working and all that was needed was a willing pilot who was capable of carrying out this mission of the gravest importance. Someone who could go back in time and change the future.

This was not an easy choice to make as who to put such a responsibly in the hands of. This was a mission with no guarantee to return home and like any voyage into uncharted territory there was no assurance that this would even work.

Out of three potential candidates I was chosen. It was said that the decision was made due to my understanding that in the event that by going back and sharing our story of the future we came from not being enough to stop the creation of AI, in which case what then must be done to stop this future from happening, and the dedicated it would take to stop AI by any means necessary.

So I was chosen. With a mission to stop these future events from happening and keep mankind’s free will from being stripped away. I will not fail, I will not let this happen. I will change the course of events from ever taking place. I will succeed....

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