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writerria I dwell in possibility-Emily Dickinson
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Hey guys!! So this post has been inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland but of course, it has been given a bit of a dark undertone. So the poem is basically about a little kid receiving trauma, ie trying to imitate the state of mind of a child going through that horrible phase of trauma. It has been probably the most challenging topic I've ever attempted to write a poem on. And it was intended to be published on Easter. But because of writer's block, I wasn't able to do that, unfortunately.

This is also a Secret Bunny post for my dear friend who I felt was so strong and brave for being able to share her story on here and inspiring me...

Also thank u to each and every one of you for reading my poems, leaving your lovely comments and following me on here.. Your love, support and encouragement is the only thing that keeps me going. Its only because of each and every one of you that I'm able to write, express myself and be able to be my true self on here, without having to worry about being judged. Thank u for giving me a family, a home, positivity and just this drive to write and think.

Also I hope u guys enjoyed the poem... Pls do click the thumb's up button down below if you liked my work and do pls put in your lovely comments as well down below in the comments section.. Also if you're new to my page then pls don't hesitate in any way to dm me or follow me on commaful...

I wish each and every one of you a very happy and joy filled Easter!!

Have a great day!

Wonderland By Ria Unique

A sun kissed, Frail little thing she was, Six impossible things before breakfast. Was a naughty dream of a child.

The sun had warned her, Of the cruelty of what lay beyond, The crispy grass, Or the grumpy old fence That was going to die.

Trading dolls with the daisies, Sipping water from plastic tea cups, A lullaby of the sun to tuck her to bed, When the mane of the world, Was thought to have been just as short As the little red garden.

Alas came such a day, When the sun kissed angel, Threw her dolls aside; Curiouser and Curiouser she felt. The last sound of a Benjamin Franklin, And she was stolen away from the sun, Right into the arms of a cold shadow.

Instead of green they gave her black Cut apart her petals for they were brunette, Not blonde. A large, sticky red paint Like the maple dripping off of pancakes roughly smeared against her thirsty lips

Alice, they named her And tossed her into a starving black hole. With the red paint on her face, She emerged, looking a kitten with cigarettes, As soft, crude smelling air Sent her into a coughing fit.

Floating in front of her eyes, A burly, Mario mustache, caterpillar With a quirky blue tube, Pressed between his teeth. Like a child draining every ounce Of a juice box He made the stone his bed And with each whistle He called her Alice.

As she tried to make the intoxication Just as homely as oxygen, A notorious white tooth Snatched her thoughts away With a gust of monotone breeze Filling up her mouth He called her Alice, Told her to follow him for tea.

She saw a mascara stained rose The way her cheeks withered and turned black. For the red lights and the white crockery Were lulling their soul into a bitter sleep. What a shame!

The Siamese twins mimed her innocence The rabbits found her neck rather therapeutic. Walking through a row of grass that hit puberty, She broadened her vocabulary, Wishing to be taken away, A hookah, a rotten grape breath

And some powdery snow, That was a way to touch the cloud. Finally, a large Petunia table met her eye, A fat tea pot and a row of heads smirked at her. Plates filled with snow of all kind And a cluttered mess of nonsense crockery.

At last, the white teeth turned out a cat, Cheshire was where he was born. And then, a large pair of doe eyes stared back, Green irises diluting the red, His hair was an astonishing orange.

A black origami hat with a pink bow And a red suit that was bathed in wine And a pair of hands, Made with that powdery snow, Wrapped around her waist As he smelt her ears.

Alice, he said. Fresher than ever, he found her. Despite rolling around the hookah And blood being poisoned with rabbit. With a wink he unwrapped the black Licking around a place within her, She didn’t know existed.

It made her chest rise, The thrill of wrong smelling like euphoria He made her moan, curiouser. Called himself the mad hatter. Married her to wonderland.

She opens her eyes, The daisies wishing her a good morning. Long gone was the wonderland For she was sent back home.

The red maple wiped away from her lips, Hookah never existed. Rotten grape breath was a nightmare waiting to happen. The rabbit bites turned to old scars. The mad hatter, just a nightmare away Wonderland just a child’s tale.

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