Infinitum (88)
Infinitum (88) stories

writerlucy1381Marshmallow center, hard candy shell.
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Something I wrote and read at an ELS.

Infinitum (88)

by writerlucy1381

I want you to meet me on the moon, as soon as you can, cause love won't let me wait

Let me be the fuel by which you search and seek and destroy this temple of a body wonderland and make me holier than thou cause I gotta have it

I wanna move you like a spirit in the dark, under a dracula moon if you would only help me baby

Let's take our sweet little time get clean together shout it on soapboxes or castles of sand I wanna find out how you like it so give it to me while it's hot

Baby, tengo que decirte algo, perdido sin ti even when you're around I have found, baby I have found I get lost in more than a memory.

Hey Love, hey You, for once in my life, I got trouble Mona Lisas and mad hatters couldn't spark my faith, but you you just might make me believe

Your love has no sense of crime only highlights, and even in my fuck me pumps you sent me flying

Now I know it's a mans world but would you mind just for a while if I was in control? Maybe you could pour a little sugar in my bowl give me more til the world ends

and we sigh and say let's do it again

I'm a sophisticated lady into discipline and daredevil boys with heresy tattoos Come on baby, come be my ruiner Or nepalm bomb, or steamroller How blue can you get?

I just want a little lovin before you pass away

Let me fall headfirst into the springtime of your voodoo and land in your cloud, Smokey Joe We can two step Scarlet's Walk while sipping rye whisky and a violet fluid

But wait, Baby, wait take it easy lemme drop the other I want lust and love not just a lil freak

But if I fell into the space between I'd be too shy to say

There's no church in the wild for a lonely new religion but say yes Just this once, Baby come to me because it's getting late

you're getting to be a habit with me and fool that I am I can't get enough

Don't pull out on me yet, stay make yourself comfortable please forgive me but the answer is you and no one man should have all that power

But I'll be waiting, my daydreamer for the moment when everything is everything simply because of something

Then, if I can't have you if it don't work out then you can tell me goodbye.

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