Why am I so to my stepsister? (Part I)

Why am I so to my stepsister? (Part I) #stepsister stories

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How to behave with women

By: Me - A writer from East Europe

Why am I so to my stepsister? (Part I)

by Me - A writer from East Europe

I was 19, and my stepsister, too. She was very beautiful and sexy enough girl. I can never forget her attractive legs and seductive midriff.

I was thinking that I can do with her what I want unless my father and stepmom don't know this.

We both were studying at the state university. She was going to university in the morning, but my turn was at afternoon. That day my father and stepmom were not at home.

I retuened from university. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw her. She was nearly semi-nude. She had only a black bra and jean-skirt. I told her:

- You are so cute, today

She smiled seductively. When she was in her room, I entered here. She was waiting for me there. She stood up. I approached her and touched her waist, firstly. Then I attempted to kiss her lips.

But she got angry. She kicked in my balls and threw me to bed. She sat on me quickly. During this, I was still looking at her belly button. She began to speak:

- "I beleived that one day you would have sexual dreams about me. It is called woman power. I seduced you with my body and beat you. Now you can't get rid off. I can kill you if I want.

You know - we have a gun at home. I didn't give a right to you to touch me. If you repeat it again, I will think about to kill you or not."

Then she threw me from her bedroom. I could not say it to father and stepmom. Because she was right. It is good that she didn't kill me. It is needed to behave carefully with women

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