What a sexy servantess you are!
What a sexy servantess you are! sexy woman stories

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What a sexy servantess you are!

Within a risk, in India many men have sex with woman servants.

I was 19 and I also decided to call the cleaning woman to house. She would stay at my home, because I had to see and touch her belly button.

One day I gave an advertisement. A woman came to my house. She had normal height, big breasts. I would like to see her tummy, navel and half of open breasts.

I gave her the top room at my home. During 2 months, she knew my home well. One day I asked: - Do you have a home in this city? - Yes, but far from here. So that I must stay here - Yes. You can live here. - Thank you for your high salary - Don't mention it. If you want, I can increase it with some liabilities.

- What kind of? - You can open your tummy for me. - Sorry, but why? - You know, in India many men do this. - How much will my salary? - 200 dolars. Do you agree? - Ok. Yes

- I want it tonight. - But I must go home, I will come at night. - Ok baby.. Bring good clothes here. She smiled and said: - Okay.

She came at night. She said me: - Please at 1 o'clock come to my room. I will be ready. At 1 o'clock I went up her room.

I didn't beleive my eyes. She was semi-nude. She had only black trousers and green bra. She had big breasts that I could see half of open part. She had also a nice tummy and around, deep navel.

I said: - You are so sexy. I knelt in front of her. I kissed her navel many times. Then I stood up and kissed her breasts. At this moment,

she kicked in my balls. I fell down. She sat on me quickly. She was very heavy. I was still looking at her navel. She took a gun from her bag. She: - Today I went to my house to bring a gun

- to kill you. This is woman power. Intelligence and sexiness are together.

I was still looking at her navel. She took a pillow from her bed. She put it onto my head. Then she fired on my mouth. My sexy servant killed me.

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