Sister, can I touch your navel?
Sister, can I touch your navel? eldersister stories
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I was 19-year-old indian rich man who lived in Mumbai. I was an alvinophil. Like many indian men, I also loved the females' belly buttons. It didn't matter whose navels were these - maybe, friend, lover, neighbor, servant, even your sister. But it was very dangerous degree on me.

Sister, can I touch your navel?

I was 19-year-old indian rich man who lived in Mumbai. I was an alvinophil. Like many indian men, I also loved the females' belly buttons.

It didn't matter whose navels were these - maybe, friend, lover, neighbor, servant, even your sister. But it was very dangerous degree on me.

If I talk to woman whose navel was open, I would exactly comment about her navel.

Every day I was calling a woman for cooking, once in 2 days I was calling the cleaning women. Every week or sometimes every month I was calling different servantesses.

Because I always tried to see and touch many kinds of navels. I was giving them good salary for a month. If they open their belly buttons, I was giving a bit extra money.

If they allowed me to touch their navels and even to kiss, I would give much more extra money.

One day I decided to call my elder sister from village to Mumbai. Our village was 500km from Mumbai. My sister was 25 and she had not married yet. And we had no parents. We were only 2 children.

We were poor enough. But when I was 17, I decided to go to the big cities. In 2 years I learned how to gain money well. Now, I had a house with 3 floors, garage, a car, and servants.

I had a friend like me. When I had sexual eagers, I was calling him and he was finding me beautiful girls. Even one day I brought a young girl from New Dehli.

I usually loved to have sex with 25-30 years old women, with deep navel and big breasts. My servantesses were actually married and I prefered to touch only their navels.

Navel touching was not a part of sex for me.

At the end of january I brought my elder sister to Mumbai. She was living in village and she still was not being aware of city culture. I took her to house.

She was surprisingly watching my house. She had no modern clothings like girls in Mumbai. In Mumbai, girls usually wear sarees and crop tops. The first she saw my servantesses at home.

But my servantesses had no saree curtain. Because I commanded them to wear so, that I could see their navels easily.

I introduced her room and I had put some clothings - normal, sarees, crop tops - for her. I said:

- Which one will you want, you can wear at home and outdoors.

- Ok.

- Can I ask something?

- Yeah

- Why are they semi-nude?

- How semi-nude?

- Their sarees are not fully. They were showing belly buttons.

- I commanded them so

- You?? Why?

- Because I love to see females' navels. I pay them extra money for it.

- Oh. How much?

- The standard wage is 100 dollars. But with opening, touching and kissing it is 200 dollars for month. And it is very high for them.

- Damn. You kiss them.

She laughed. She asked:

- How long will I stay here?

- How much you want? I am planning not to return to the village. You will stay with me.

She was glad to hear it. She asked:

- What are these clothings?

- Sarees, crop tops and normal clothings. You can wear which you like.

- Thank you, my younger brother. Now, please get out from room, I need to change my clothes.

- OK.

After a few minutes she came to main room. She had worn close clothings. She came and asked:

- Brother.

- What?

- Can I buy some clothes tomorrow?

- Yeah. Did not you like them?

- I liked but they didn't suit to me.

- Ohh. Tomorrow I will send you with a premium taxi to Mall. What kind of clothes do you prefer?

- I have never worn sarees. I want to try.

- OK.

Next day I gave her about 500 dollars. I would like to see her in saree although she was my elder sister. I have never seen her tummy. It was interesting.

That day a cleaning woman came. She had worn a saree. I planned that day to kiss. When I started to kiss her navel, I heard that my elder sister came. I descended and she saw me:

- What did you do?

- Kissing ritual.

- Ohh sorry..

- No problem.

I was loving to see women without sarees - only braas and down-clothes. My servantess went from house and My sister went down to main room. Whoa!. She had a saree. Her navel was seeming well.

She was very nice. She came and asked:

- How am I?

- Very beautiful

She laughed.

- I am glad to see you in saree

She asked:

- Why?

- Because, I have seen your navel for the first time.

- Really? Good.

- Can I say something?

- You have an ideal belly button type. Round and deep. Your tummy is absolutely nice.

- Thanks. But why did you tell it?

She was a bit worried. I answered:

- When I see the females' navels, I must comment about it. And you are my elder sister. I can easily comment.

- Thank you.

- The best navel type I have ever seen is yours.

- Really?

- Yes. My servantesses have no such navels. What did you buy today?

- Sarees, bras, pants, blouses and others.

- Good.

She went to her room. I wanted to touch her navel, but I did not. That night I started to plan how to kiss her navel. She was my elder sister, but I would like to touch her, too.

After that day she began not to wear sarees. After I saw my sister's navel, I didn't want to see another navel. I was not commanding servantesses to open their navels.

My sister felt it and asked:

- Why don't they open their navels?

- Because, I didn't commande

- Why?

- After I saw your nice navel, I am not interested in theirs.

She felt that I wanted to see her navel again. But she didn't say anthing. I said again:

- I know you could not wear so in the village, but you can wear so here.

- Maybe.

Because of the coronavirus problem, the quarantine was advertised and I could not call the servantesses to my house. My sister and me stayed at home. And one day I decided to say:

- Sister..

- Yeah.

- I want to ask something

- Please

- Can I see your navel

She thought a bit and answered:

- Why?

- You know, I love navels

- But why mine?

- Yours is the best.

She was worry about it, but she said:

- Ok. Saree or without saree

I was glad

- Without saree.

- I understand you. Ok.

She went to room. When she came, she had white short blouse. She asked:

- Are you ok now?

- Too much. Wear so, always.

- Ok. Till you are able to see..

I didn't understand this word. At night, before sleeping she came to me and asked:

- Can you give me some money?

- Why?

- I want to buy new clothes.

- Ok.

- How Much?

- 1000 dollars.

- Ok.

I gave it to her. Next day she wore very good clothes. I pinched off her waist. She was also pleasant for it. Then one day I asked:

- Can I kiss your navel?

- Yes.

I knelt in front of her. I kissed her navel. But I didn't know that it was my end.

Next day in the morning, she had no blouse. She had only red pants, pink bra. I cought her and kissed her tummy and navel.

When I tried to kiss her breasts, she kicked in my balls. I fell down. She dragged me to her bedroom. She sat on me. She said:

- As it doesn't matter to kiss your sister's navel for you, so it doesn't matter to kill my brother for me. Yesterday I bought a gun to kill you.

After it, I will take your money and I will go away. Thank you my baby.

I was still looking at her navel. She took her gun. She put a pillow on my head. Then she fired on my mouth. My elder sister killed me.

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