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I know you used to care.

You L e f t Spaces

I know you used to care.

I was a dandelion in a field of roses,

Petals of yellow sticking out like a sore thumb.

For some reason, you thought that standing out was good.

You were the wind in my sails,

The reason I pressed on each and every day.

You made my heart rate spike, made my chest pound.

But this is not a love story.

I needed you, needed what you gave me,

But my petals turned out to never be enough.

As I morphed from yellow petals to white, ready to finally change,

Your wind blew me away into an ocean, where I'm unable to grow.

I needed you, but I did not love you.

You did not love me, and you knew I needed you.

So you held me above water just to listen to me beg,


"Please don't leave me!" "Please don't forget me."

But then, you forgot, and I sank.

I kept clawing at the water,

But you never taught me to swim.

You only helped me float.

This is a story of necessity.

I so desperately needed you to care, needed you to make me feel loved.

You made me feel w h o l e.

You gave me somewhere to b e l o n g.

But the spaces in between your words h u r t,

And suddenly, I started noticing them.

I started noticing what was in between the l i n e s, spaces that had never been there before.

You needed me too, at first.

But you didn't anymore, and left me.

Why did I need you?

W h y wasn't I enough?

This is not a love story.

This is not about a single person.

You left me.

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