Winter tree stories

writercat Life is beautiful, life is sad
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Sorry for another rather sad poem :P


I can see it now,

Their leaves growing back.

Greenery clouds my mind,

And the future seems so bright.

But my tree is bare,

Fruitless and blank.

People begin to stare,

Because I don't look like them.

I see them all, starting to grow and change,

But I haven't changed at all.

Something's kept me in winter,

Shivering in the cold.

Cause my leaves refuse to grow,

And I don't know why.

Their lives and leaves come together like glue,

And it all starts to make sense.

Animals crowd their trunks,

And birds find homes in their branches.

But I am alone,

Pathless and unprofitable,

With only brown twigs.

It seems I've amounted to nothing.

Because they all know who they are,

Whether maple, elm, or ash.

But who I am is lost in my roots,

And my future has floated down with my leaves.

Dreams all died in reds and yellows,

And hope fell in oranges and browns.

Their paths have finally begun.

Spring is here for them,

But I am stuck in the cold.

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