"We'll Make It" A Poem
"We'll Make It"

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A poem about walking.

"We'll Make It" A Poem

Walking down this path, the world around me seems to fade.

I know this dark corridor.

I've walked it several times, and I am not afraid to walk it again.

My hand runs carefully across the walls,

My fingers inching over every crack.

Each time,

I notice something new.

Another crack, a crack long gone.

The walk is lonely.

So very lonely.

I've walked down this path so many times that my eyes are used to the darkness.

I am alone...

Or so I think.

In reality, others walk beside me.

In their own corridors.

Their own darkness.

I long for the day,

The day when a new crack forms.

A crack so big that the walls around me crumble.

The day when I'll finally see them.

The shadows of people I've never met,

But still know deep in my heart.

Voices I've never heard,

Yet voices I still listen to.

I long for that day when our darkness fades,

When we can finally all stand in the sun together.

Colors will shine down on us.


I know some of us won't make it.

Some will stop walking.

So, to the ones in their own corridors,

Their own darkness,

Please listen to me when I ask you,


When I beg you,

Please keep walking.

We'll make it.

One day, we'll make it.

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