Valentine's Day
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Happy Valentine's Day :)

Valentine's Day

Here I am on Valentine's Day,

A stuffy holiday of cliches.

Lovers will give each other flowers with sweet smells,

And they'll watch as each other's hearts swell.

I watch her walk over to you,

And I already know there's nothing I can do.

I listen to her call you "baby", smiling with glee,

And suddenly my flight or flight fails me.

Cause I know my feelings are going astray,

But I can't look away,

As she holds you in her arms and says,

"Girl, you're my whole world."

I stand behind you, crying only on the inside,

Because you're in love,

And so am I.

But your love isn't for me,

So I'll forever be

So I'll forever be The girl you never chose.

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