The Five Stages
The Five Stages grief stories

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Five Stages.

The Five Stages

Stage One: Denial.

I don't believe it,

I can't believe it.

These voices whispering in my head,

I will not listen to them.

I am numb to you,

I am numb to reality.

You are not gone.

You are not gone. Not yet.

Stage Two: Anger.

My fists slam into my head.

Tears stream down my face as I scream out "Why?!"

I scowl at their smiles,

I scowl at their laughter.

If I cannot be happy, then how can anyone else?

How can anyone be happy when you're gone?

How can they smile in the face of anguish?

"This pain is unbearable,"

"This pain is unbearable," I scream.

Stage Three: Bargaining.


Please come back.

I call out your name over and over again,

Staring at a blank wall.

What if I was there?

If only I was there...

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. Come back.

Stage Four: Depression

You're gone.

I'm slowly disappearing too.

I sometimes wish I was with you.

This world is so cruel,

This world is so empty.

There can't be anything here for me.

Not without you.

I've lost the will to cry,

The will to eat,

The will to speak.

On this planet...

On this planet... I'm alone.

Stage Five: Acceptance

I can believe it.

My fists slowly unclench.

I cannot ask you to come back.

You're gone for good.

Though the weight of your name still sits on my chest,

And though I'm still waiting for you,

I know that you're gone.

I've found the will to smile,

Because you'd want me to.

I hope you're okay with my happiness,

I hope you're okay with the fact that your name doesn't sting my mind every morning anymore.

I will move on for you.

I will continue on for you.


Everything... For you.

Quick Authors Note:

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for reading my poetry. Everyone is so kind to me, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

This piece is more general and isn't really a story specifically about my life. Thanks so much for reading!

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