The Disease of a Liar
The Disease of a Liar never-again stories

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The first lie, first lie, when were you told?

The Disease of a Liar

First lie, first lie,

When were you told?

A young child feeling particularly bold,

She tells a lie that is expected to be found.

However, nothing is questioned,

Her falsehood a truth in everyone's minds.

One lie snowballed into another,

And as the girl grew older,

The lies became heavier.

No longer lying for another cookie,

She began to find a purpose in her fabrications.

She started keeping everyone else's secrets,

Even secrets she was not directly told but instead learned by mistake.

The weight of these lies piled onto her shoulders,

Forcing them out through her mouth.

She began speaking them with complete fluency as if she believed them herself.

Sometimes, she did.

She began to lie even when she didn't have to,

Even when she didn't want to.

The truth became something unknown.

The disease of a liar began to distort reality,

Killing her mind.

After every little lie,

"Never again,"

She'd whisper to herself.

But that "never again" is simply another lie,

Piled along with the rest.

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