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Listening to the breeze, I long for it to take me away.

Take Me Away

Listening to the breeze,

I long for it to take me away.

Let me drift away from here,

And I shall escape.

I'm tired of these same old walls,

These familiar cracked roads.

I think the symmetry is driving me insane.

Take me somewhere with incongruity, a new place unknown to my mind.

It'll be a distraction.

Looking at the same cracks every day,

It feels like nothing is ever going to change.

I walk through each day just like the last,

Living for shallow goals and unseen sunrises.

If only the wind would let me float.

Let me float where the sun truly is,

And let me find the colors.

I want to go somewhere where nothing makes sense.

Where I am now, my confusion isn't justified.

My frazzled mind is unorthodox.

I want to go somewhere obscure,

Full of things to make my head turn.

But in the end, no matter where I go,

I'll always ask the wind to take me home.

I'll always yearn for the mind I know.

The mind lost in a black and white world,

The mind searching for color.

I find that when beauty jumps out at me,

I cannot see it.

So wind, please...

Take me somewhere where my mind is quiet.

Author's Note

Hello! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy with some other things. I hope you like this little poem!- Kitty

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