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I want to succeed.


I want to succeed.

I want to belong to this world,

Even though it doesn't know what to do with me.

I want to do so much.

So many things I'd love to do, so many things I'd love to see,

But I am incapable.

With a voice that cannot sing,

And hands that cannot paint...

The humiliation of having unstable, unattainable dreams feels like a curse.

Forever trying without any luck,

Born with the passion but without the talent.

Discovering the hard way that sometimes, practice doesn't make perfect,

And not everyone's dreams come true.

We all already know life is unfair,

But it simply seems cruel to be born with a brain that wants so much and a body that can achieve so little.

I want to be fast,

I want to be strong,

I want to be smart.

I want to belong to a world that thrives on success...

But I am average.

I am normal.

I fear that I will live and die on this planet without meaning anything to anyone,

Not even myself.

I want to create something.

I want to be something...

But it seems I always fall short.

Success is forever out of grasp.

I jump and fall,

Embarrassing myself as those who were born with talent leap over me with ease.

It feels like I'm trying to fly without wings, being laughed at by birds.

Someday, I will find my path,

Where humiliation won't be a part of the process.

Until then,

I will stumble and fall over and over again, feeling humiliated only due to myself.

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