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A young girl runs around the park. She's got it all figured out, she knows who she is.


A young girl runs around the park.

She's got it all figured out, she knows who she is.

Then, as she grows older,

A shadow monster appears.

He starts out small,

Barely noticed.

But he starts to gain strength along with her,

And her growth leads to his.

Suddenly, she's scared and doesn't know what to do,

She's lost who she is.

She's not the same girl she was before,

The girl playing in the park with her friends.


her existence feels

her existence feels f l a w e d.

Out of place in the shadows,

With one dictating her every move,

She sinks in expectations and their ruthless words.

Dreams met with darkness,

Killed in the night,

As she asks herself,

Why am I

Why am I f l a w e d ?

The shadow monster that was once so small has become everything she knows,

Eating her soul,

It's now who she is.

So, now she knows,

But without a soul,

Life is

Life is m e a n i n g l e s s.

Because a personality built by shadow changes with every mood.

She's one person to someone and morphs for another,

Her existence built for them.

She thinks it's good to live for them.

She thinks it's good to exist for them.

But gradually,

She realizes she isn't

She realizes she isn't a l i v e.

Instead, she's a body walking with a shadow holding her hands on strings.

So, as she cries each night,

Wondering if she wants to survive,

She finds the scissors and cuts the string, finally

F r e e.

Now, she may not know who she is anymore,

But she knows she is not someone else's shadow.

She is f l a w e d again,

Not built to serve,

And it feels wonderful to be confused.

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