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My gears are turning, cogs spinning through my bones.


My gears are turning,

Cogs spinning through my bones.

My eyes open,

And I unplug the cord from my head.

My batteries screw into my back as I stare at the food in front of me.

I don't need it.

My metallic joints creak in the rain,

Stiffening and screeching.

I am okay.

You walk by and say "Hello!" with a wave.

My artificial mind can solve this equation.

I know just what you want me to say,

The exact smile you want to see.

I'll push myself through the day,

And I won't stop for anything.

There's work to be done,

I don't need to sit down.

I don't need a break.

My legs are getting shaky,

The wires spread thin throughout my body growing tattered.

Screws getting lose,

I'll ignore them so you do too.

Look in the mirror at eyes losing life,

Everything is artificial.

Ignore it.

I do not need to smile and mean it.

I do not need to laugh.

Maybe I have lost all feeling,

And maybe I've forgotten joy,

But work must be done.

Get ready for bed,

The same time each night,

But tonight the cord won't plug in.

I suppose my fried circuits are working overtime.

The next day comes.

I struggle to climb out of bed,

But I am okay.

I am strong.

I can take everything with a smile on my face.

I can bear it all on my shoulders,

I can carry any weight.

Then, as I walk outside,

You through another storm at me,

And I begin to crumble.

Screws falling out,

Eyes shaking,

I fall apart.

The truth becomes evident as I crash, as the metal finally leaves my bones and the blood returns.

I am not a robot.

I cannot work twenty-four seven, seven days a week.

I cannot lose emotion,

I can only pretend to.

I can pretend like I can handle this,

Like I can handle the life only robots can take on.

I know that I need time to break,

I know that I need time to be fixed.

I know I need to think all thoughts, not just the productive ones.

I know that I am not unbreakable.

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