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I wish the world was still simple.


I wish the world was still simple.

A land of primary colors and blocks,

Where words are small.

I miss the patterns,

Both the squares and circles next to each other,

And the weekly plans that never fell through.

Everything was a mystery, and yet it still felt like home.

Now, everything is still a mystery,

But it's not as comforting.

The rays of light coming through my window don't bring me joy,

And I no longer rush out of bed in seconds.

I miss when life was fun and games,

When all I had to care about was what game to play and what shows to watch.

Now, my emotions have grown beyond the five I learned,

And I've lost some along the way.

Some people say they stay a kid forever.

I wish I could.

Instead, I grew up too fast out of necessity,

Because sometimes you have to grow up in order to move on.

A mind ahead of its time in the worst way,

A child's brain shattered by reality instead of eased into it.

I miss the simplicity.

When waking up wasn't a chore,

When life didn't feel like a chore.

When life had no real purpose and yet it felt like it did.

Now, I sometimes feel lost with nothing to look for.

I try to let the simple things matter,

But it seems like everyone else is ready to leave them behind.

I grew out of simplicity before I was supposed to,

And now,

I yearn for the time I lost.

Author's Note

Hello! Sorry that this poem is a bit of a downer. I hope you enjoy it anyways!- Kitty

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