On A Whim
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Leaping, running, escaping, all on a whim.

On A Whim

Leaping, running, escaping,

All on a whim.

Nights sitting out in the cold,

Wondering what the world could possibly hold.

Falling into a dream,

Blood rushing from my heart.

The sudden urge to rule the Earth.

Sitting under a tree,

Wind shaking the leaves,

Waiting for the perfect thought to come to me.

The yearning to change something,

To become something.

Sitting in the dark,

I suddenly want to run away.

To leave my life behind,

To start anew.

To say goodbye to those I love,

To say goodbye to this life I've lived,

And find a new one.




All spent in the thought of impulse.

What I could do if only I were brave enough,

If only I desired it enough.

Sitting under a tree on this dark night,

I think I'll stay here for a while.

Though the thought of a sudden adventure is exciting,

An impulsive life isn't the one for me.

Plans written on my hands,

Not allowing the wind to blow me away.

Under this tree,

Under the moon,

I think I'll stay here.

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