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You knocked my old school project off the shelf.

Off The Shelf

You knocked my old school project off the shelf.

It was 1:00 AM, and I wasn't asleep.

I was laying in the dark,

Counting stars in my head.

Then I heard a crash,

And watched pieces fly across the floor.

A crudely made clay statue broken into pieces.

I turned on the light and looked up at you.

You stared back at me, eyes dilated and tail wagging.

I picked up the pieces of what you destroyed,

But somehow,

I did not cry.

I have always been sentimental.

Shouldn't losing something from my past affect me?

Maybe it's a sign.

A sign that I've moved on.

That I've left everything behind and finally accepted the fact that things change.

But I find that signs are rarely good,

And shards of something I once loved stab my bare feet as I sweep away the remains.

Have I lost my soul?

Have I lost my feelings?

Have I really gone numb to my past?

I've lived life pushing it all away,

Burning bridge after bridge,

Breaking statue after statue.

Old memories used to make me cry.

I nearly lost my mind finding old notes from people I haven't lost.

So why did I not care about my old art?

Is it because it meant nothing?

Does everything mean nothing to me now?

Where do I draw the line between moving on and pushing away?

What is healthy?

I finished picking up the pieces and didn't get mad at you.

After all, maybe it wasn't a sign until I made it one,

A true way to know that I'm losing my mind.

Where do I draw the line?

When is moving on wrong?

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