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A poem written out of desperation.

Nothing Behind

Here I am, walking through the world with foggy eyes,

Fighting failure once again.

Success was so close,

And yet so unreachable.

Why does it always escape me?

And I cry, I cry,

Thinking "was I only born to die?",

Because I fail at everything every single time...

No matter how hard I try.

In a string of bad choices, I make another.

Deciding to lie to save my pride,

Cause who I am is based on validation.

I thought their congratulations would fix me,

But they only broke me more.

Turns out, my own disappointment means the most.

Cause even though I try and try,

Nothing ever turns out right,

And I'm left feeling empty.

Was I born to fail?

Is my only purpose to disappoint?

Why is it that everyone else has something they can do?

Why can't I succeed?

They all prevail without a thought,

Moving on while I stay stuck in turmoil.

So I ask and plead, confiding in something I do not believe,

Because it seems I must've done something to deserve this.

I deserve to fail,

I deserve to cry,

That has to be the reason why.

My only solace is the inevitability of time, whether or not it completely heals me.

Still, I truly believe no one will ever be proud of anything I do,

And I will die leaving nothing behind.

Author's Note

I'm sorry for writing such a sad poem today. Something I had been working on for a long time didn't come to fruition, and it's very frustrating.

I wrote this poem with the purpose of getting out my thoughts, so I'm sorry that it's a bit disorganized. I hope you enjoy it regardless.- Kitty

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