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Who am I?


Who am I?

In a world of infinite choices,

I can be anymore.

I can create anything fitting within the realms of this world.

I can become whatever I wish,

Anything I can see.

Still, what part of anything means something?

In a world where days are forgotten easily,

And memories naturally grow hazy,

How will I find a fit?

How did the history makers create history,

How did their names resonate in the minds of those around them?

What names were forgotten?

For every history maker, there are a thousand lost souls behind them.

Names are forgotten and reused over and over again.

When is a name finally set to rest?

Eventually, every name will gain something powerful,

So is life a fight to claim that crown?

In the grand scheme of things,

What does it mean to be remembered?

Will my name be forgotten,

Or will I somehow make my mark?

Eventually, all pencil lines fade,

And pen marks are scribbled over.

The names of history makers in today's world may not exist in tomorrow's,

And a name that carries fear may carry hope in a century.


In a world consistently forgetting,

What does it mean to make history?

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