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In this foggy swamp, I don't know where to walk.

My Words And I

In this foggy swamp,

I don't know where to walk.

Every step I take seems to get me farther from my goal,

A neverending walk of endless paths that lead nowhere.

Hands shaking,

A pen gripped tightly in my hand,

Dragging my feet through the marsh.

I can feel myself beginning to sink,

A body too heavy with ideas and nowhere to put them.

Then, I saw it.

A shining light that forced the fog to bow to it,

A shining light that would not meet me.

Lifting my feet out of the marsh,

I see an opportunity rising.

Following this light,

I begin to run, wondering,

"Is this my chance?"

Thoughts of recognition and inspiration swirl through my head,

A neverending train of endless thoughts that lead somewhere.

I find the light.

Basking in what I now know as a home,

You give me the power to create.

The light of kind words,

The light of a platform to create,

The light of motivation and determination.

Sitting surrounded by fog that I hope will never reach me again,

Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to create,

And thank you for listening.

You keep the light alive,

And you keep my pen moving.

In a place where my words finally don't fall to fog,

I feel at peace.

So, thank you,

For my words and I have a home.

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