My Voice and My Silence
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I am quiet. I normally do not speak unless spoken to.

My Voice and My Silence

I am quiet.

I normally do not speak unless spoken to.

This is both a blessing and a curse.

Because of my silence, many choose to trust me.

People tell me their stories,

Their fears,

Their secrets.

Afterward, they'll often say,

"I've never told anyone that before..."

While they stare at me with a look of bewilderment.

It's as if my silence creates a spell of trust.

As if they know that I will not share their secrets.

They know that I will only listen.

My silence can bring me closer to people,

Creating unspoken trust.

However, my silence can also harm me.

I often become invisible to everyone,

Simply a passing cloud.

I'm pulled out of conversations by my own head,

Scared that I'll say something wrong.

You see,

No one is born silent.

Everyone is born with things to say.

However, a fear of misspeaking took over my mind,

And locked my lips.

Now, I disappear.

People speak as if I'm not there,

As if I don't exist.

Still, I smile and bear it.

This way of life may get lonely,

And this way of life may feel empty sometimes,

But it's better this way.

I learn so much about everything around me,

Even though when I speak I am often not heard.

I'm not afraid to be silent,

Because I know the ones that really care will listen when I choose to speak.

The people who truly care listen to both my voice,

And my silence.

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