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My hands are bleeding and shaking, my mind begging me for closure.


My hands are bleeding and shaking,

My mind begging me for closure.

I'm trying to listen to the light, trying to listen for its warm words.

I try and try and try,

But all I can hear is darkness and it's cold voice.

It reminds me of all of my lies.

Lies, lies, lies.

Too many to count.

"I'm just tired."

"I think I'm just getting sick."

"Sorry, I'm busy."

Still, none of those can compare to the biggest lie of them all.

We all say it, and yet none of us believe it.

"I'm okay."

The guilt of my lies causes my hands to bleed...

It may be time to come clean.

My guilt is taking over, and I must let it go.

I'm sorry to my friends, to my family, to those who care, for lying.

Know that I feel guilty for not answering your texts,

For ignoring your calls,

For making excuses over and over again.

Sometimes, the truth just isn't the answer.

I wish I could tell you everything...but I can't.

I have to protect you from the guilt.

I'm thankful that you're still by my side...

Even though my hands are bloodstained.

Guilt, guilt, guilt...

It will forever stain the hearts and hands of all of us...

Until we let go.

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