Kindness and HATRED
Kindness and HATRED hearing stories

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I keep hearing voices inside my head.

Kindness and HATRED

I keep hearing voices inside my head.

Two fight each other,

Like fire and ice.

One is so kind,

Their words pretty and sincere.

The other is MEAN and LOUD,

Their words hurt.

These voices used to live alone,

Acting polite and giving the other a chance.

But now,

They fight with each other,

In a romanceless dance.

Weaving in and out among each other,

Crashing and bashing together.

Their words c l a s h.

The first gentle voice tries to keep me alive, so why does HATRED always win?

NOT You are enough. You are useful USELESS. You don't need to change. YOU CAN'T CHANGE.

Their fighting makes me want to pound my fists into my head,

Enter my voice into the mix,

And scream,

"Stop turning me into this!"

Because I don't know which voices belong to me,

And I'm starting to think neither do.

Where do they draw the line?

Aren't they supposed to be mine?

I keep hearing voices,

And sometimes a third one steps in.

That's the one that belongs to me,

The one that cries and cries,

"Both are you are going to make me die!"

They go silent,

Realize this entire body is mine,

And now I can sleep tonight.

Author's Note

Hello! This poem is dark and a bit scattered, but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy it as well.- Kitty

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