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When I first met you, everything was perfect.

It's Not Love

When I first met you,

Everything was perfect.

You became a ray of light in my world of darkness.

Your smile made my heart swell,

And your voice speaking to me cured my dangerous loneliness.

You were a life saver,

You were a soul saver.

Over the years, I fell in love with that smile,

With that voice,

With those eyes looking into mine.

I was willing to do anything for you.

I'd jump any hurdle,

I'd run any race.

As the days went on,

I fell deeper and deeper into a pool of confusing feelings,

A dark, scary pool that I could not escape.

Then, I began to realize.

It started with little things.

Not inviting me to your party.

Sitting somewhere else.

Ditching me for someone else.

I began to realize that those feelings I had for you weren't ever shared.

All this time, I thought we were one and the same.

I was so foolish to think it was going to be a fairytale,

That we were going to find each other after years of hiding our feelings.

I was foolish to think you loved me too.

In my eyes, you were a hero.

In your eyes, I was a mere bystander, barely on the brim of being a "friend."

Here I was, feeling like I had gone through an entire relationship on my own.

The beginnings of fuzzy feelings,

Falling deeper and deeper while you were still standing still.

I had fallen in and out of love with you,

Feeling all the pain of love and heartbreak,

While you were feeling nothing.

You got off without a scratch while I suffered.

I tried so hard to impress you,

Jumping over hurdles over cliffs and running races through endless forests.

I wanted so badly for you to care about me,

But you never did.

To you,

I was never completely nothing,

I was never completely nothing, But I wasn't anything special either.

A simple friend, barely even that.

I shed so many tears for you,

But I know better now.

I know those tears I shed for you are not shed for me.

So, I must learn to move on.

I must learn that it's not love if it's only going one way.

I'm sorry for staying stuck on your for so long.

Though I'm lost now,

I will learn to wipe my tears and move on.

Authors Note!

Hi! I know this is longer than my usual poems, and it's definitely not what I usually write. Still, I hope you enjoy it anyway! I certainly enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading.- Kitty :)

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