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We take solace in the end.


We take solace in the end.

Knowing that every sunrise ends in a sunset,

And every hour ends with the next.

The world is unforgiving and unkind to most,

And time is no different.

It is often our enemy,

Something we fight against and aim to beat each and every day.

Still, in a way, it comforts us.

Knowing that eventually, bad times will be the past,

And knowing that the future will eventually be now,

It can keep us going.

However, if you think in the opposite direction,

It can be poisonous.

Knowing that there is no true form of our "present,"

And the thought that nothing ever stays the same can be petrifying.

Inevitability can be a friend and a warning.

Knowing that every beginning comes with an end pushes us to move quickly,

Striking fear into our hearts,

Driving us to work harder and achieve more.

However, the most beautiful thing inevitability can give us is a new start.

With every finish line is another start line waiting,

A new challenge to defeat.

While this may be overwhelming, humans naturally yearn to succeed.

So, does this mean there truly is no end?

Maybe there isn't.

Maybe, in the grand scheme of things, time itself will never end,

But our time will.

Use deadlines and endings as your strength and let them motivate you instead of weighing you down.

Time is inevitable, but giving into it is not.

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