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The sun is up, rising into the sky.

Great Days

The sun is up, rising into the sky.

A new day comes,

Full of mystery.

They say every day can be a great one,

As long as you make it one.

So, what qualifies as a great day?

Is it a day where you achieve something important?

Is it a day where you go somewhere new?

A great day can be whatever you choose it to be,

Though the unspoken requirements aren't hard to see.

However, whether it's been a great day or not,

The sun is setting,

And the moon has risen to take its place.

The darkness brings out the worst in me.

I think briefly of previous great days,

But those memories don't last.

I move deeper into the darkness,

Slowly letting it control my thoughts.

Reminding me of mistakes,

Mistakes I should have recovered from by now.

Am I a monster?

It seems like every choice I make is the wrong one,

Every sentence spoken dwelled upon.

I scared myself into silence,

Afraid of regretting my words.

Afraid of saying the wrong words.

If only the moon could fight away this darkness,

This darkness that takes me and molds me every night.

Still, there is hope.

Eventually, the sun will come up,

The events of the night distant.

My idea of a great day is day where I can wake up,

And go to sleep,

Without a single regret.

One day, this great day will come to me.

I know it will.

Eventually, the moon will fight the darkness,

And I won't need to wait for the sun to rise.

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