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A message to my best friend.


Friends are some of the most important people in the world.

They help you get through hard times,

And give you someone to laugh with.

At first, I believed how many I had mattered.


You became my best friend.

Without you,

Life was boring,

Life was lonely.

Without you, everything seems gray.

Then, you came into my life.

We bonded over similar interests,

Similar senses of humor,

And most importantly,

Similar pain.

Somehow, you saw through the mess I was,

And saw someone better.

You saw my talent when all I saw was defeat,

And you pulled me up every time I fell down.

You bring smiles to my face through our darkness.

Thank you for finding the strength to make me happy,

Even when you aren't.

I hope you see your own talent,

And I hope you know your worth.

You deserve your life,

And you deserve every ounce of kindness given to you.

Here's to more days of writing poems,

Staying up until two in the morning,

And laughing so hard that we cry.

You changed my life,

And I'll never be able to thank you enough.

I used to think that how many friends I had mattered.

Then, I realized that one is enough.

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