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A strange poem.

Forever is Broken

You told me forever.

Forever we'd explore the world,

Forever we'd be together.

But the world's dying,

And so are we.

There is nothing that won't fade away,

Anything deemed to be "forever" is a lie,

One proven by the passage of time.

This may seem depressing, but is it really?

To me, the thought of forever is even more terrifying.

The thought of something never-ending,

Change hindered and blocked.

The world is meant to change,

And it shall change until it is gone.

Lovers brought "together forever" by lockets and necklaces will eventually break apart,

Whether by the cruelness of time or the loss of love in itself.

"Forever" is broken not just by time,

But by us as well.

Breaking promises before they're ready to shatter,

Tearing down the walls of continuity prematurely.

I sometimes wish I could freeze time and live in a moment of bliss,

Forever living in purity.

But even a frozen world will shift,

As ice melts and time eventually continues past blockades.

Nothing is forever...

Except for one thing.

The only rule breaker is the concept in itself.

While everything on its own will end,

New things will begin.

The entirety of everything will continue forever,

Even though everything inside of that blanket will end.

Life will continue until it's gone,

And even so,

Everything will forever move as the universe's clock continues to tick.

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