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Sometimes, everything seems so complicated.

Forever An Artist


Everything seems so complicated.

Living in a world where status means everything,

And everyone wants to become someone.

I look at the recognition I've been given,

The kind words said about my creations.

I read over them,

A huge smile on my face.


A feeling lingers.

Part of me still believes that I don't deserve this.

Part of me still wonders why me, out of all people, was given a chance for recognition.

It's an artist's dream to be recognized,

And it was mine as well.

Still, it feels...wrong.

It feels like I don't deserve it.

Kind things said to me about words that flew from my heart.

Is it just luck?

Do I have any skill?

Anxiety starts to pile up,

As I hurry to fit the mold.

Any poem that misses the mark feels like a failure.

However, I am missing the point.

Being an artist isn't about whether someone sees your work.

Being an artist isn't about whether someone likes your work.

Being an artist is about creating.

So, I will continue to create.

Though I'm scared of being rejected,

I must remember that no matter how many people leave,

No matter how many people turn away,

I will always be an artist.

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