Flowers and Storms
Flowers and Storms achieve stories

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There is beauty in balance.

Flowers and Storms

There is beauty in balance.

Just as rainstorms darken the sky,

Failure darkens what fires burn in our hearts.

But deep down, flowers will grow, and dreams will come back to life.

Balance is beautiful...

But it can also be cruel.

Too many flowers and they may be torn down,

Burned in forest fires and drowned in storms.

Dreams lost to the ashes of a singed heart,

Left with only the stems of what could be.

Still, there is so much to achieve.

So much to see, so much cruelty to understand.

Good and bad are not opposites,

They work together in mysterious ways.

But, instead of seeing evil in all good,

Let kindness shine past darkness.

Let rainbows remind you of the storms,

And let flowers bring you your future.

Feel free to add as much kindness as you'd please,

And do not flee if sadness comes instead.

Darkness does not destroy light,

It gives you time to look for it.

Do not fear darkness, for light hides behind it,

And understand that light cannot survive without shadows.

You can succeed in this world.

Light is not the only encourager...let darkness guide you as well.

You can achieve anything in a balanced world.

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