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I feel so far from you.


I feel so far from you.

Your voice is so distant, and your image is fuzzy.

Where are you?

It seems like you're right in front of me, screaming my name.

I have grown so reserved, so lost in my own head.

I can't hear any other voices besides my own.

I can't see the colors of the trees.

I wish I could appreciate the leaves falling as the sky shifts from blue to black.

My world is gray.

I have trapped myself in an attempt to fix myself,

And I can't get out.

Living in my own little bubble,

A filtered version of reality...

A filtered version of reality... Nothing feels real.

My decisions turn to dust in my head,

Living in the prospect of the end.

I know it'll reach me, so let the world crumble.

No matter what I do, it will find me.

Problems turn to mush in my mind,

Knowing that someday, they'll solve themselves.

I am so separated.

Separated from reality, separated from everyone except myself.

Everyone dies alone,

And I shall live alone as well.

It seems like I can never live in the moment,

Always narrating myself as if my life is in the past.

Did my life already happen?

"Of course not," I say, yet I treat everything like it's already over.

I am distanced.

I feel so far from you.

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