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No matter where I run, it seems like I hit a dead end.


No matter where I run,

It seems like I hit a dead end.

Watching as others run through a wall,

All while I stand still.

I cannot see through this wall,

I cannot see what they see.

I simply cannot compare.

Not to their eyes, not to their hair.

I'm afraid to speak, afraid to move,

Finding solace in words not meant for me.

I don't want to start over...

I don't want to start over... Not again.

I don't want to find a new path.

Why can't I just stay here?

Must I leave every time?

These friends, these words,

I suppose they aren't for me.

Path after path, friends lost to walls,

I think the world designed me to be a drifter.

Floating from path to path, place to place, starting and ending with nothing.

I get it.

I'm not enough for anything.

Not enough for them, not enough for myself.

I start down paths marketed to be endless.

But friendships die,

And I always come up short.

Whether it's my lackluster personality,

Or my lethargic disposition...

I always seem to hit dead ends.

I belong nowhere, yet I follow every path, hoping I find one that lets me stay.

When will I belong?

I want to belong.

Don't make me start over again.

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