Demon Of Sleep
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Find me at midnight, bring me a broken slipper.

Demon Of Sleep

Find me at midnight,

Bring me a broken slipper.

I'll be waiting on the stairs,

Staring at the moon.

I think I'll have to break my own heart,

I've waited for days and it's time to stop.

Sleep won't find me,

It's long gone.

The stars shine brightly on my bloodshot eyes.

Won't you find me, demon of sleep?

Can't you take me early for once?

Erase my mind of every crime,

Every mistake and all of my past.

Fill my mind with melodies and rhymes as I drift away.

Instead, you burden me with bags under my eyes,

Wide pupils staring at the time.

Tick tock, the second-hand clicks,

And I'm still awake waiting for you.

Maybe you are scared away by the creatures in my head.

Maybe you can't fight them, are you too small?

Can't you do this for me?

You take the lives of so many each night, why can't it be the same for me?

Why must you arrive so late?

Is it my own fault?

Should I try harder?

I didn't think I needed effort, but I've become restless.

Tossing and turning each night,

Thinking "oh no,"

As the clock strikes midnight.

Author's Note

Hello! This poem is a bit different than my usual ones, I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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