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writercat Life is beautiful, life is sad
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A weird little poem


I can dance around in my head for a while

There's meaning in the silence offered to me,

Creating monsters in my mind

I'm gonna find the answer to questions I already know

To the questions I asked

Here in my head

Let's comfort each other from our brains

Make a story out of smoke and thin air

There's something beautiful about creation

Let's be scandalous and dangerous in my mind,

Find things we're not supposed to

Create things no one else should ever see

Cause this whole thing still ends with me

I can dance around in my head and feel everything,

My heart twinges and my stomach stings

Let's attach ourselves to beings unreal,

Create faces out of shapes

There's something wrong in my head,

Something that wants to build another story

Let's create a tale in my mind,

But there's no "let's"

It's just me,

And you are another figure of smoke I made

I'll let you be my fake friend

Offer you a place where we don't match,

Where you're everything I wish I had,

A world of imperfection that makes sense

I'll move through the fog

Dancing in a world that belongs to me

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