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You turn on the TV, Learning about the day's crazy events.


You turn on the TV,

Learning about the day's crazy events.

You start to think for a moment.

All of these wild things are happening,

To everyone...

Except you, it seems.

Your neighbor's having a baby,

Your best friend is getting married.

Compared to them, your life is dull.




It seems like every day is the same.

Wake up,

See the same faces,

Do the same things.

Life begins to feel like an endless cycle.

You start to lose what it feels like to be alive at all.

Walking through life on autopilot, no longer longing for change.

You'll start to wonder...

"What's the point of all of this?"

The fact that no one has a clear goal in sight scares you.

However, it shouldn't.

We should be grateful that life has no clear purpose.

No clear goal.

We were given the power to choose our fates.

Sure, you can live on autopilot,

Floating like a lost soul,

But if you do,

Life will lose all meaning.

Maybe you can't climb mountains.

Maybe you can't explore ruins.

But you can find your own purpose.

Write a story,

Read a new book.

Meet a new friend,

Travel to a new place.

There's so much to see in this world, so much beauty that you could miss.

Don't miss it.

Because even though life sometimes feels mundane,

It isn't.

Take a deep breath, and look around.

Your existence is a miracle.

Life is a miracle...

So don't live it sitting on the sidelines.

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