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Wake up and turn on your phone, asking yourself simple questions.


Wake up and turn on your phone.

Asking yourself simple questions.

"What should I wear today?"

Instagram will tell me.

"What TV show should I watch?"

Tumblr knows the answer.

"What songs should I listen to?"

The radio will choose.

Pick up my body, pick up my mind,

Drop them each into the mold.

Conform, conform, conform.

The questions get harder.

"Am I too fat?"

They'll tell you yes, you have to be thin.

"Am I too skinny?"

They'll tell you yes, you look like a twig.

What makeup should I do today?

What's today's popular trend?

It doesn't matter,

Because people will yell at me for it anyway.

The questions get harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

"Be like us," they shout.

Conform, conform, conform.

If you're different, you'll stand out.

If you wear weird clothes, you'll stand out.

Pop-Culture is here to train you, here to help you.

Conform, conform, conform.

They ask their final question.

"Don't you want to be like everyone else?"

"Don't you want to fit in?"

You can either break down the walls,

Or conform.

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