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writercat Life is beautiful, life is sad
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We live our lives running a race.


We live our lives running a race.

"Faster, faster," outsiders will shout.

So we keep running and running, looking for flags and checkpoints.

A goal here, a goal there.

Passing a white line, running to another.

We race to meet the expectations of society; to complete the ideal life.

We're all expected to complete the same tasks to reach the same life.

Because we're all running the same race...


Should we all follow the same path?

Finish school, get a simple job, get married, have some kids, then die?

Or, should we slow down?

Should we end the race?

For a moment, think about what things would be like if we slowed down,

If we stopped focusing on flags and finish lines,

If we instead started to slow our pace and finally live.

I believe that we would discover that the race track we were placed on is in fact not the only path.

Just by realizing that life isn't a race,

Our lives would blossom.

Not only would we finally see the trees, the birds, the flowers lining the race track,

We would realize that away from the main path,

Several other roads lie.

Different paths of different lengths,

All leading to completion.

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