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There was so much energy soaring through my heart.

Burn Out

There was so much energy soaring through my heart.

Every word created embers,

And the fire in my soul was unstoppable.

Word after word, sentence after sentence,

Without a chance to stop.

Why stop when I'm still burning?

As the fire grew and grew,

I fought to feed it.

I fought through wind and rain,

Through dust storms and blizzards.

Despite these attackers, my fire burned strong.

Too strong.

It burned and burned, quickly becoming bigger and bigger.

I watched as the fire that belonged to my fingertips took over my hands,

My arms,

My entire body.

Enveloped, I watched as my hands turned to ashes,

And my arms grew blackened.

I fell to the floor in a pile of dust,

Desperately trying to spark a new fire out of mere broken pieces.

I didn't stop to catch my breath,

Building my body out of ashes.

Now, my lungs filling with smoke,

I didn't feel alive again.

I tried to spark my body again.

When matches didn't work,

I tried gasoline.

"I will become alive again," I said to myself.

To be lively, to feel the fire dancing on my fingers,

It would keep me from losing everything.

Still, I remained dead, a pile of dirt,

And my will to survive died with my fire.

I stayed for a while, waiting for life,

Waiting to become lively again,

But no one ever came to bring me back to life.

So, I rebuilt my feet out of mud and looked forward.

I dug through my head, trying to find a reason again,

Walking through a forest of uncatchable fire.

My purpose became lost in trees,

And sadness began to kill what I had rebuilt.

But, eventually...

Fire returned on its own.

An ember sparked not on my fingers but in my head,

Where it belonged.

Finally breathing, I took care to tend to the fire slowly with important knowledge:

Burn out is dangerous.

Author's Note:

Here's a poem that's probably way too long about why I was gone for a while. Don't worry, I'm okay! Thanks so much for sticking with me.

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