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I need the right pieces to build a friend.

Build A Friend

I need the right pieces to build a friend,

Someone that'll listen to me until the end.

An apparatus of a human,

A framework of fragments and parts...

For it seems something is wrong with me.

No matter how hard I try,

No matter how much I work,

No one seems to stick around.

I beg and plead on my knees,

Crying out, "Please don't leave me..."

I'll do anything to keep them around,

And yet they're gone before I know it.

Maybe I can build a friend.

And yet...

Pieces falling from my fingertips,

Seems even what I create cannot stay.

I feel as if I owe it to them,

Like my friendship is a chore.

I'm constantly trying to keep them happy.

I'll laugh at any joke and say any word just to make them stay.

Why do I have to

Why do I have to c

Why do I have to c h

Why do I have to c h a

Why do I have to c h a n

Why do I have to c h a n g

Why do I have to c h a n g e

Why do I have to c h a n g e ?

Is who I am not enough?

Must my personality die?

Should I be looking for my own apparatus,

And rebuild myself?

I'll turn into what everyone wants,

But even that isn't enough.

Somehow they all still leave me...

I think I'm destined to be alone.

Author's Note

Sorry for such a sad poem, I'm just feeling sort of down. Getting emotions out through poetry has always been my go to, I hope you don't mind. Thanks for reading!- Kitty

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