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Every night, I tell myself the same thing: "Tomorrow, I will move on."


Every night, I tell myself the same thing:

"Tomorrow, I will move on."

I will learn to let go of you,

To let you leave me behind.

I will let your smile fade out of view.

Your eyes will cease to poison me,

And your laugh will not burn my lungs.

I tell myself these things every day,

And yet I still know that nothing will change.

Every day I walk through that door,

And I see you.

Those poisonous eyes and that smokey smile erase my memory.

You're an angel now,

Floating above everyone else,

A halo sitting atop your head.

And I,

A lowly mortal in your mind,

See you as a distant being.

But everything looks beautiful from a distance,

And I know you aren't are perfect as you seem.

Your halo is cracked and your wings are torn,

And your feet are just barely above the ground.

But you are still an angel.

I race to keep up with you,

But you've already left me behind.

Staying with your own kind,

Flying away,

I tell myself every day:

"Stay behind this time."

It's time to move on and let my life continue,

It's time to let you leave me.

But every time, I struggle behind you,

Just a few feet away.

Your broken wings sent me swirling, and I'm left waiting.

I must remind myself that you are not evil.

I am not evil.

You are unaware of my pain, unaware of your own wings.

You have done nothing to harm me, and yet I find myself hating you.

Hating how much I rely on you,

How much I need you.

I want to accept it, but closure is impossible when you're flying,

And I'm not.

Every night I tell myself the same thing:

" I will accept this. I will let the angel fly away."

Author's Note

This poem is different from my normal ones, but I really enjoyed it. Interpret this poem however you wish, because it's meaning for me may not be the same for you. I hope you liked it!- Kitty

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