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Dear Rain, you are my excuse.

A Letter To Rain

Dear Rain,

You are my excuse.

You keep me inside and give me a reason to be sad.

I watch your beautiful drips of water through my window for hours at a time.

Raindrops racing and merging, specs of water that I'll never see again.

I'm sorry that the world hates you.

You're a bringer of life, a necessity,

And yet you're treated as a nuisance.

While others wish you away,

I wish you'd last forever.

Flood my heart and my life,

And let the gray clouds dig into my mind.

When you're around, tears mean nothing.

You let me be gloomy, you make my personality less unlikeable.

When you're pouring down, everyone acts like me.

Your accompanying clouds of darkness block out the sun.

But eventually, it always comes back.

You leave the world more beautiful than it was before.

Maybe that's why everyone is glad when you're gone.

I thought I hated you.

I thought you made me sad, I thought your presence was the reason for my darkness.

I now know that isn't true.

You simply allow me to exist.

When the clouds dissipate, and the sun comes out again,

I think happiness has returned.

However, the clouds in the sky simply join my mind and hide the rain pouring in my heart.

So, to the rain,

Thank you.

Thank you for being like me, and thank you for making me feel small.

Even though that doesn't sound like something to be thankful for,

Sometimes I need to forget myself.

Author's Note

Hello! This poem is a bit different and depressing, but I hope you like it anyways! Have a great day, everyone.

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