The Spider
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writer_hobby As the name implies, it's just for fun.
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Stuck in its awful web...

The Spider

My past is like a web Sticky and wrapped all over me Clinging on so tight That I thought I couldn't escape So, I gave up

The struggle seemed pointless So, I waited until the spider Made up of pain and regret Came down to consume me

Until recently, I thought I deserve to be eaten At the very least I could be good for something And be a spiders meal

But, I realized something After everything I've been through I deserve a better fate than this I want more in life

So, as I write, I kick and scream Scaring the spider away Because, even though I'm tangled in its awful web It knows I'm not a easy meal

And as long as I keep fighting, tearing, and pulling away From its thread

I know soon I will be free And have a future that is brighter Than being a spiders meal

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