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Joe's mother just died. leaving only a note telling her what she must do to get back home.


“Did you hear about Parker’s discovery?” Williams asked.

“Yeah, I’m working on my own variation. Finished it last night” I replied.

“Cool. spiders?” He followed up.

“Yep, black widow,” I informed.

“Nice. see you later Dan.”

Walking home, the black widow in my briefcase, I had the feeling that I was being followed. Looking back, I couldn’t see anyone. Huh. I quicken my pace nonetheless.

Now I can hear footsteps other than mine, they aren’t that close, but close enough.

My grip tightens on the briefcase, and my other hand reaches for the gun in my pocket. I duck into the train station. It's empty. great.

At least the train coming in is crowded enough to cover me. The footsteps are getting closer. The doors are about to open, I start at a quick pace towards the doors, they open.

I slip inside, past the small group coming out of the train. Making my way through the cars I find a decent spot to hide.

Looking out I see the one following me, he is about six foot two, with a white lab coat, and a blowtorch, in his hand. I’m glad I made it, what would have happened if I Didn't?


He did find out. That guy was just there to chase him home, where the real danger was. He was greeted with his family tied up, and a gunman making him choose between his family or his research.

I don’t remember what happened then, I was two, but my mom can remember it as if it happened yesterday.

She was at home with me, supper was ready and we were waiting for him, then someone stepped in, she thought it was my dad.

So, she went to greet him, with a kiss most likely, but she left that part out. The man hit her on the head and she passed out.

The next thing she knew her and I were tied up on the dining room chairs, well she was, he just put tape on my high chair. He then started saying how he was going to use us for ransom.

Then dad came home, he was scared, the gunman did the little spiel about “your family or your research,” then dad did something surprising.

He opened the briefcase and took out a glass case and it had a black widow (spider) in it he then threw it at me and the spider crawled out of the case and onto my bib,

it stood still then clambered onto my arm and bit me just below the elbow, and dropped onto the floor, dead.

“The venom is the research. It is erased from the DNA after it is used. And you won’t find anything in my daughter.” he stated firmly.

The man didn’t believe him so the man took some of my blood and the spider’s carcass. He then shot my dad, untied me and my mom, and then left us.

She quickly took me out of my high chair and checked my arm for injuries, I was now bawling my eyes out and crying for my father.

She ran upstairs, grabbed a suitcase with clothes and stuff for the both of us and ran back down, grabbed me and we were out the door.

She found a back alleyway and took a vial out of her pocket and smashed it onto the ground. From it, a large, wormlike fiery inferno floated in the air.

She took me and the suitcase and ran through it. Next thing she knew we were in a suburban town in northern Alberta.


My life since then has been, complicated. The spider that bit me gave me the same powers as the Spiderman that you know, all senses turned up, sticky feet and hands, Spidey sense.

I learned to hide them for now. Mom said to save them until we get back. Back to where? You ask, well back to the MCU.

My only connection to my home and an only real recognition of the powers I ever had were those movies that Marvel released. The ones taking place in the MCU.

I always asked my mom if the things that happened in the movies were happening back home. She always told me yes, they were happening. She also told me that I would be a part of that someday.

Now, that mom is dead, I see now more than ever why I need to go back.

Nick Fury approached my parents when I was born and told them about something called the Avengers initiative. And how I could be a part of it.

It was his idea, the “alternate universe” thing, that was just a backup plan in case what happened, happens.

Mom just died. She was hit by a car and died of her wounds in hospital. The name of the driver was Aaron Davis, he was put into prison for careless driving and third-degree murder.

Her funeral was yesterday, during which her lawyer gave me this note;

Dear Joe,

This is your mother. Nick Fury had us write this to you if one of us died. He told us that this letter would be our dying words to you, also to make them count, so here goes.

You were part of an experiment that was trying to create a type of superhuman that could have advanced senses, stronger muscles, more endurance/stamina, and a healing factor.

They thought that they could use the DNA of different animals with ours to achieve that effect. The only animals That’s DNA proved effective were the arachnids.

The experiment started with six scientists but ended with your father and Richard Parker.

Eventually, when the experiment was safe enough for humans your father and Mr. Parker volunteered their children. You were to go first.

Dan wanted to do it at home, where you were more comfortable. That is what he was going to do when he got home that day.

After your father died, the experiment was shut down, with only one scientist left it wouldn’t be much of an experiment.

Throughout your childhood, I taught you about your powers as best as I could, given that I only knew what Dan knew.

The reason I never let you go, vigilante, was that I knew that another universe needed you more, also I knew that if a city relied on you, it would crumble when you left.

This universe could use you, but the MCU needs you more. I know you can do it.

With the note, the man gave me a vial with another, much smaller, note that read:

To get back:

Smash on a hard surface, go through the fire.

See? A lot shorter. I’ll pack my things and go after the funeral.

The funeral was, to say the least, terrible. First things first, almost no one showed up. What can I say? We weren’t very popular.

The only ones that showed up were the ones required; the priest, the lawyer, and the Katie, the lady that baked the cake.

It was a short service, the priest did good, but I’m ninety percent sure that Katie was high during the service.

Mom never wanted a very big funeral, but I do want to spread her ashes back home and pay my respects there. Alright. It’s time to go.

I pack my suitcase with everything I need; clothes, spider suit, web shooters, and some American money. Oh, and yes, I do have a spider suit.

It is basically just leggings and one of those hoodies based off a character that zips all the way up to the hood, mine is a Deadpool one.

The mask has been modified so that I can see better out of it.

Grabbing the vial, I re-read the short note that came with it. Okay, this is it. I check my bag, it seems that I have everything I need. Wait. My mother’s note.

Racing up the stairs of our small apartment complex I run into her room and grab her note, her ashes are already packed safely.

Walking back downstairs I pack the note into my already stuffed suitcase and.

Opening my hand, I grab the vial. I take a deep breath, grab my suitcase with my other hand, and…


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